In 2002, after living in various parts of Italy, The Alfieri family decided to come back to their roots and original town, Termoli, to purchase a house to live in the little village. While renovating, the idea arises to create a B&B which would become the first one in the historical centre.
In 2003, six rooms were inaugurated. Through the success of the idea in the immediate following years, other ancient buildings were acquired and today Locanda Alfieri is a proud “albergo diffuso”, betterknown as a widespread hotel, holding 16 rooms.


A innovative bed & breakfast concept, highly eco-friendly and Made in Italy.

To reassess antique villages, old historical dwellings are being restored to preserve their authenticity. This reduces the new urbanisation/concreting and brings back places that could have risked being neglected and unattended back to life.

With this strategic and more ecologic way of development we reuse and promote the land without creating a negative environmental impact. It recreates an existing network, stimulating local initiatives that turn into unique experiences for the guests. The albergo spreads in the town, with rooms streaming down the alleys which all connect to one central building where the Locanda’s reception is traditionally settled.


It is true that we sell rooms but more importantly, we offer hospitality and we do it in  a simple and sincere way. Great willingness to satisfy our guests’ requests, to  recommend places to visit, pubs and restaurants to try and experiences to live. At  their departure we will be very  glad  that  they have enjoyed their stay with us and appreciated what our beautiful land has to offer. Pleased to be remembered.


We’ve embraced the Italian concept of "albergo diffuso", literally widespread hotel, because it seemed to us the one that best rembodies the hospitality we want to offer. We find houses that would often remain uninhabited and abandoned to give them a second life, flipping and remodelling, but always respecting the historical heritage. We   stay every  day  in  contact with people who have chosen not to abandon the  seaside town and who take care of it, so called “locals”.  Through  the  careful  renovation  of the edifices, refined furniture, the attention to every detail and, last but not least, the philosophy "un po' casa un po' albergo" – "a hotel but also a home", we hope our guestswill live an sustainable luxury experience.

Meet The Team

Manuela, the owner of Locanda Alfieri manages and runs the hotel accompagnated with trustworthy collaborators and daughter, Mariarosaria.


A recently refurbished building with rooms decorated in a minimalist modern style and equipped with the utmost comforts and services.